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    perforated plates in the engineering database, what are they?

    Shane Atienza

      There are pre-defined preforated plates in the engineering data base. im trying to determine how the circles and hexagons are staggered, but cannot figure it out from the information given.


      also, the circles are about 0.063" diameter, while the hexagon side is 0.118".


      using both in a simulation with a heat sink and fans in a box, the circles are giving me huge perforamce gains. i ran the simulation three times now to make sure it wasnt taking old data, it seems counter intuitive that the circles being smaller and having less hole surface area would out preform the hexagon. im just using them for the exhaust side of the box, so turbulence shouldnt be too much of a factor.



      see picture. even if the hexagons were measured length wise, they are still bigger than the circles.



      Does anyone know the dimensions of these pre-defined preforated plate hole sizes?







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          Jared Conway

          Hi Shane, I'll have to go over my notes again, but I think the free area is the only important part. The circles are beating hex because they have twice the free area. I think the shapes are for visualization or some idealized turbulence. That is the part I have to check on. If you have a pattern you want to use, model it, measure total area vs free and then input that. Over the weekend run an example with the real model and the perf plate to validate.