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    Foxit PDF Preview in ePDM - Who has it working?

    Dan Bertschi

      Hi All!

      Well... I'm tired of banging my head against the 'wall of options' that are in Foxit, ePDM, and Foxfire, trying to get a preview of a PDF file in the Preview tab of ePDM.  I was able to make this work, except with Adobe.  I know, I know...  just use Adobe, right?  The IT guy would rather use Foxit, 'nuff said. 


      So, if anyone out there is successfully using Foxit & getting a PDF preview in ePDM, please let me know!  I have searched/read the existing threads on the subject, but the solutions are not working in my case.


      SolidWorks 2012 SP 2.0

      ePDM 2012 12.1 B523

      Foxit 6.0.2


      Thanks in advance!