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Please, any "Motion Studies" Pros?

Question asked by Mike Esposito on May 3, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by BILL REUSS

I'm hoping I can pick the brain of one or two Motion Studies experts, here. I want to say, to ALL of you that frequent this site, THANK YOU. I've learned a few things from you, and as I progress, I hope I can help newbies!  I'm a guy just learning this Solidworks program, without a big background in Drafting or CAD, but I'm catching up! - I LOVE Solidworks and the things you can do with it.

I'm trying to find a book or website, where I could learn the MOST, about 2 subjects in Solidworks- 1.) Motion Studies, and 2.) Pattern - Cast Molded parts.

As far as Motion Studies - I've started getting into it, I can make a 4-link mechanism rotate, after making concentric and coincident mates with the faces and holes in the links, but I have now I have a TASK, I need to complete, and I can't find ANY help, videos or tutorials on this, which is unusual:

I have an assembly I've drawn, of a sheet metal Lighting fixture, a sign to show an Electric charging station -

It's round, with a flat front face and rear face. The faces are made of translucent plastic, and have a graphic printed on.  assem- e-charge 2 may 13.jpg

My GOAL, it to make the FRONT face, which is hinged at the bottom (with a working hinge that rotates), is to make the front face "door" open ONLY 90 DEGREES, then REVERSE ROTATION DIRECTION, TO CLOSE THE DOOR....

When I run the motion study now, using hinge outer face to rotate, the door opens, and keeps rotating down, all the way around, THROUGH the fitter socket at bottom. I just want it to open 90 deg., to a horizontal state, then reverse to close. I can't find any youtube or other tutorials to expalin how!

Can you tell me how to make the rotate motor only rotate 90 degrees, then rotate in reverse, 90 degrees?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Maybe advice for a book that totally covers motion studies?