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Digital type Font

Question asked by Ed Cyganik on May 3, 2013
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Hello All,


I have been trying to streamline the process of part marking of sheet metal parts for some time now. The specific problem involves the font or in our case the lack thereof. We manufacture products that require us to identify our sheet metal panels. This is done by simply using a set of numbers as follows:


Panel Number: 3-230

Shop Order No.: 22555


  For manufacture, we have an old Amada sheet metal stamping machine that uses AP 100 US software. To provide for the Amada, we must first edit the dumb geometry on the top right to get the result on the top left, see PDF.


   The Amada will “automatically” tool the numbers but only if they are defined by rectangles with sharp corners, as shown on top in PDF.


   I have attempted to automate the process and defined a method using an existing font and custom properties. I was able to find a “digital” font that looked close to what our rectangles produce and everything worked great until the DXF file was generated and sent to the Amada. The software could not interpret the DXF that used the digital font, see example PDF.


   Do you have or know of any fonts that may fit the bill?


Sorry for being so long winded,



             Ed Cyganik