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SolidWorks unable to open through VPN at home

Question asked by Vinoth Kumar Gnanasekar on May 3, 2013

Hi all,


when the user try to open solidworks in laptop from home thru VPN ,but he could not open solidworks thru VPN.


It shows “splash” is running, but user only see the start up screen and no further action.


It works when the user in the office.


We checked the below settings.


  1. User is able to open SolidWorks when he connected to Office network.
  2. SW opens and getting hanged in the loading screen when he connected through VPN
  3. Tried through different VPN Sites (APAC/EMEA/AMERICAS), still getting the same issue
  4. At the same time AutoCAD is working fine through the same VPN connection
  5. Checked the firewall settings, everything seems to be fine. Please refer the screenshots.
  6. As suggested , checked the IE settings and UAC. Seems to be fine & UAC is disabled.
  7. Pinged the License server(CPH-LIC01) R & S drive, everything seems to be normal.PFA.
  8. Checked the SolidWorks license service, its running fine on user PC.
  9. The license server utilization is normal as per server Admin’s input 




                    kindly give some suggestion


Thanks in advance