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    Solidworks - 3DVIA Composer Export

    Ryan Doran

      Does anyone know how to get 3DVIA Composer to pick up HLR, and wireframe colors as specified per part file in Solidworks? I use 3DVIA to create color coded assembly instructions for different assemblies of products that the company I work for sells. However, since I can't get 3DVIA to pick up on the colors as specified in SW, everything comes out black and white; unless I stop and select everything actor by actor (which considering the size of the assemblies I work with, and the amount of instructions I work on, could take a very long time).


      Does anyone know if it's possible to get SW to export this info, or 3DVIA to import it so that the process is a bit more automated; and if so, how?

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          Earl Hasz

          Ryan, If the model has colors on a per part basis and they are coming in as a single color, then it is possible that a sub-assembly or the top level assembly has a color assigned to it.  Try removing the color starting from the top and work your way down.  This image shows how you can clear the color from the selected assembly.


          BTW - Be sure that you have done an assembly select to see the color property for that assembly.  This can be done either by turning on the assembly select or by Alt+Left Mouse Button selection.


          5-3-2013 7-45-46 AM.png