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    Incorrect units on random vibration base excitation input curve?

    Stephen Blyskal

      I'm running a random vibration analysis and noticed that the units on the base excitation input graph don't appear to be correct.  I'm using SW2013 SP0.0 with Simulation Premium.  I created a uniform base excitation, chose Acceleration, changed the units to g^2/Hz and entered a scaling value of 1 in the right direction.  Then I input a curve (the MIL-STD-810 minimum integrity curve) manually.  When I click on "View" to see the input graph to make sure I put in the right numbers, it comes up with units of "Acceleration (g)" on the dependent axis instead of the correct "PSD (g^2/Hz)".  I don't remember this being an issue in any previous versions of SW and when I run my analysis, it returns results that appear far less then I think they should, which has me very worried.


      Can anyone confirm that the units are or are not correct when inputing a curve in random vibe?