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Line Color in Drawing Files

Question asked by Ryan Doran on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2013 by Kenneth Barrentine

Is it just me, or is there no way to show colored lines in SW drawing files other than to select the individual model edges, and change their color manually? The clients that buy the product that my company sells are used to seeing our products color-coded. Each specific piece is immediately identifiable by a color unique to that piece. This eliminates the need to show callouts on our assembly instructions for a product line or two; simply because the library of parts for those products is so small. I've found out how to change the line color in for wireframe and HLR per part file, and have done so for the parts I need to. This even works when viewing an assembly of multiple parts in wireframe/HLR mode; everything shows up as their respective color. However, when I create a drawing file from the assembly, all lines come in black!




The materials propogate correctly from the part file to the assembly file and into the drawing. You can toggle between shaded, and shaded with edges, and the surfaces show as their respective appearance. WHY is there no option to have wireframe and HLR color specific to each part propogate to the drawing file as well? I understand that most people like all their drawings to be black and white, but if you have the option to change the color in parts/ assemblies, why not let that carry through to drawing files as well?


Just sayin...