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    cannot pick bend lines in a drawing

    Mark Greenwell



      Has the work flow for dimensioning to a bend line changed in Ver 2013.


      Before I could select an edge then select an end point, or the bend line itself to dimension.


      For some reason in 2013 I can select the edge but it does not highlight either an end point or the bend line for my second selection.


      All I can do is select somewhere near the line to create a dimension.


      Is there a setting that needs to be checked somewhere?


      Attached is a drawing with a flat patten to get the dimension I select edge of plate then select somewhere near the bend line ( it comes out at correct dimension 315.5mm).


      Could someone see if it works as before on there computer?


      Please note that I have taken proprietary info off drg and also drawing is not yet complete.




      Mark (Solidworks 2013 sp3)