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Drawing numbers for parts that have multiple drawings

Question asked by Terry Raymond on May 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by Adrian Velazquez

We're getting new drawing and part numbering methods with EPDM implementation.


We are mostly project based and thus are constantly making new parts, each which gets a part number.  Most parts will only get one manufacturing drawing.

Some parts will get other drawings (machining, installation, GA, interface, etc).  Some drawings are made where there is no part (ie autocad dwgs).


I see these options for drawing numbers:

  1. Dumb serial numbers (no link between part number and drawing number). - I like this simplicity, but seems like it may be hard to find the right drawing.  Ie if a BOM calls out part 129348, how do I know to go get drawing D101391?
  2. Drawing number (dwg filename) matches Part number (model filename) for most parts.  This seems to be what Solidworks likes the best... Some other number for special drawings for parts.  Something else for no part drawings.
  3. Manually append a suffix to the part number.  Drawing number = "<partnumber>-D<X>".  Something else for no-part drawings.  This is similar to our current method.


Which method do yall see causing the least problems? 


I know this type of question has been asked a thousand times.. couldn't find this one specifically. 


Thanks for insight!