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    Speedpak Functionality

    Ryan Doran

      My company switched over to SW about 2 years ago, and we're still undergoing a major process of converting all of our product lines over from our old programs into SW, and building our libraries to a sustainable, some-what productive level. I'm just beginning to get familiar with speedpaks to increase the efficiency of working in high level assemblies, and the concept seems great. Show the entire sub-assembly, while only actually loading selected geometry. Smart huh? The major problem I'm running into with this is that when creating a speedpak, you can't pick reference geometry for the speedpak to remember as well as the important faces/bodies that you still want to show in your high-level assembly. I think this severely limits the functionality of the speedpak feature, especially concerining parts that you have to zoom way in to mate together in a high level assembly. I use a lot of sheet metal parts, with holes cut out, and I need things to mate to the center of those holes. Rather than zoom way in to mate something every time, I just have axes created based off of the face so I can mate from anywhere; zoomed in OR out. This greatly reduced the time it takes me to mate thins in my high-level assemblies. However, since speedpaks don't allow you to include reference geometry at this point in time (hopefully this changes in the future?), this feature is really pretty useless to me.


      Does anyone have any suggestions around this? Or have I missed something completely?