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Setup of boundary conditions, is environmental pressure necessary?

Question asked by Roy Bakker on May 1, 2013

Dear All,


got a question about the setup method of a model i`m working with.

It`s a sort of area that needs fresh air (in the final setup i will inject Co in the room and look at volume fraction),

it`s got multiple inlet ventilators, booster -and outlet ventilators (see attachment)

All ventilators can have different volume flows (this is what i know about the ventilator i can buy)

Next to it, there are booster ventilators that move the air around inside the room.


All ventilators will work and help to get the air out (with the Co), except the boosters offcourse.


The total sum of inlet volume flow rates is not the same as the outlet volume flow rates of the ventilators.


Without a environmental pressure, the flow setup is not working. (continium principle..?)


How would i set up a analyses like this, can some one give me some pointers.


Kind regards,