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    lack of support

    Freddie Apodaca

      I'm trying to find specific support: license activation (software says its been activated when it hasnt). There is NO PHONE support, but there is a cruel joke thats says "push 1 for student support" just to tell you there is no phone support.


      I've submitted a service request but its been 2 days between replies. Does everyone get the cold shoulder or am I special?


      How am I supposed to recommend this product or support when there is lack. I was even told that it runs on apples, wow that was painful to learn.


      There isnt even a setting to make this question public or private to the forum.

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          Lenny Bucholz

          First what is the problem you are having... not the support issue, the problems with your install of SW.


          Secoundly SW doesn't support Apple installs, though it will install and run using dual boot or boot camp, but still isn't supported.


          Have you tried calling the SW dealer in town? they will help if you ask nicely as you could be one of their customers someday.


          give us some more info and we may be able to help.

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            John Sutherland

            No Freddie, you are not special.  I paid full price for my copy and received the same level of service as you.


            Although I use the product,  I don't recommend it because I would feel responsible for the pain and suffering which new users may incur, and I have no experience of competitive products.


            I think SW is a demonstration of social Darwinism.

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                Freddie Apodaca

                I feel so awkward replying in a public forum, I dont feel this is appropriate, but the backstory may provoke some sympathy for assistance. I was told that solidworks operates on apple computers, that is partially true. It works virtually or through bootcamp but not natively (essentially doesnt work). So now I have to purchase all the windows licenses for the computer lab (which takes time with this economy). Then, my employer purchased licenses that are server distributed (client accessed) instead of local licenses( one disk for each computer). Now i have to purchase a server and I have to bother with a server install (again, in this economy).


                The vendor could have corrected the issue, as the license is paid for in either case. So, two years later I have purchased everything necessary and start installing...windows on each client...windows server...solidworks license management...but the software says I exceeded the allocated installs (3). I havent even reached the user complexities involved in using servers plus the other server configurations.


                All I need is a reset of those installs, but solidworks has no phone support and their email response time may as well be postal mail (its faster). I could call the local vendor/dealer but i figure I already did a service request... I hope this is entertaining. Purchasing Autocad would yield the same result in my lab.


                ...in a public forum

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                    Walter Fetsch



                    I understand that you're frustrated, but I have to point something out.  The software is designed to work within certain parameters (hardware, software, versions, etc.).  You are trying to do things that are outside those parameters.  That's okay, but there is a cost when you try to have it your own way.  That cost is unsupported problems.


                    I think you've managed to contact Solidworks for support with your problems.  This is surprising because Solidworks only provides technical support through its value-added resellers (VARs).  As was suggested earlier, you should try contacting your VAR for help.


                    Your employer bought server licenses instead of individual licenses.  I don't see how you can fault Solidworks for that.


                    Now, if you have specific problems with which you'd like help, please post them in separate topics on this forum.  The people that you're talking to are very helpful and incredibly knowledgeable, but you have to ask a question if you want to get help.


                    Best wishes for success to you,



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                      John Burrill

                      Freddie, I'm confused, are you an instructor setting up a lab using educational seats (which are different from the student version) or are you a student who purchased the program through the SolidWorks home page or are you a commerical user?

                      In any case, you should be able to receive license and activation support.  In the case of the student version (which I don't understand you're having 3 copies of it) it looks like they handle that through email.  Your software comes with a 30 day grace period for activation and while I had one case where activation went squirelly because my company was moving licenses around a lot, the software will not activate until you complete the wizard.  It's not activated out of the box.  Activation does not time out, running multiple instances of the program or running the program on multiple CPU's does not consume additional licenses and the software is not transferable so someone else isn't going around with your activations unless you bought it from someone who had no right to sell it.  Finaly, and this is just a mention because you had a two year time span in your story: the student edition expires after 12 months.  It says so right on the product home page along with a bunch of other stuff that you should read.

                      If you're an educator setting up a lab (which is the strongest theory given the fact that you're talking about network licensing and multiple seats), then you've got an Academic reseller that you should call first.  SolidWorks does all of their support through their dealers.  That's where their licensed  techs are employed.  Whoever sold you SolidWorks, get them on the phone-and if they told you you could run it on a Mac, they deserve an earful and more for that-and they'll be able to direct you.  I worked for a SolidWorks reseller (and also an Autodesk reseller, so I know how similarly they operate).
                      Finaly, if you have a commercial edition and a subscription agreement, phone support through your VAR is included.  If you don't have subscription, call them anyway.  They will usually try to get you through the installation/activation process and can view your activations and submit reset requests to SolidWorks corporate if your circumstances warrant them.
                      SolidWorks has 1.7 million seats installed and most of those are used by students and schools.  If you're a teacher and a difficult install determines which CAD system your students learn, you're doing them a disservice.