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Export GD&T?

Question asked by Frank Congel on May 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by Dan Harlan

Hello All,


I am quite new to this forum, and have searched it countlessly to answer this question that I have. Unfortunately there is either an inevitable truth that I do not want to believe, or I just cannot get an accurate answer.


My question is pretty simple: can you export GD&T in solidworks, preferably in a format other that 203/214 step files, if at all? I see this question only a few times on this forum or even the internet as a whole, but no real positive answers. Can SW only export dumb, geometric models?


My goal in this is to export a drawing with GD&T in the PART, not drawing, into my companies CMM software. It is able to read in .prt, .stp, .sat. etc...but none of which will keep the product manufacturing information, or GD&T, embedded.


I recently tried on Pro-Engineer (or Creo) and got the same result: that is that I could not do it, nor get an accurate answer from their tech support.


If anyone at all has any kind of idea on how this could be done, or if it just plain cannot be done, please let me know.