textures/material assembly vrs part confusion ?

Discussion created by Guest on Nov 15, 2006
I could spend a lot of time answering this question becasue there is alot to cover. It might be a good tutorial subject.

I'm short on time at the moment but here are some basics.

I typically try and apply my materials at the part level. It saves me confusion With that said it's much faster to apply materials at the assembly level if you have a number of parts all using the same material. I typically apply my "majority" material at the assembly level so it will be applied to all parts. I then apply my "minority" materials at the part level to parts, faces, features, etc. Any material applied at the part level will over ride the assembly level.

Instead of doing the open/close or reboot to have your materials display correctly try using Control "Q". Open the problem part, Control "Q" and save. Then open the assembly and Control "Q" (maybe even a couple of times) and then try rerendering. This ususally solves the issue for me. In some cases I do have to close/reopen SolidWorks.

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