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Check-in Thermal Simulation Data/Results into Vault

Question asked by David Wright on May 1, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

Hi guys, I hope this is a problem between the keyboard and the chair. Driving SW2013 SP2.0



I can't seem to find a way to check in all the thermal results/data by conventional means into Workgroup PDM.



When in the checkin window, I see that only parts/assemblies can be/are selected. When I select the COSMOS button, no thermal simulation data is found. Doing a pack-n-go to a *.zip file is the only workaround I've found at the moment, but even that comes at an extra step. After the *.zip has been created and saved, I must then go into the original directory and copy all of the thermal sim resultant folders into the *.zip file to include them as well (since the pack-n-go skips these even after checking the option to include: "Include Simulation Results".)



Then I manually check into the vault this *.zip file. It's kind of tedious, and it doesn't help when checking things out - or analyzing their history - or with any of the other tools PDM workgroup has to offer either such as: where used, or PDM cleanup, or "Reload" parts, etc. I guess I could just check in the results exclusively as a *.zip to gain back those tool functionalities ... but then there's no true parametric value to the simulation results unless someone remembers to physically check those results back in after use. *sigh*



Is there a better way to check in all CFD simulation data into the Vault