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    Wondering if anyone can figure this out.

    Karn Gustafson

      I have attached an assembly that I would like to test in simulation to see where it may fail.  It is called a "Boomilever" and is similar to a high rise crate.  The boomilever has been attached to ta wall and the weight will be suspended from the block at hte endo fhte boom.  Can anyone tell me how to create a static load test using simulation? 



      Karn Gustafson

        • Re: Wondering if anyone can figure this out.
          Jared Conway

          Hi Karn, you uploaded only the assembly. not the parts that it contains so we can't see the full detail. but this should be a cake in simulation. My suggestion, start simple.


          If you havent' done so already, take a look at the simulation tutorials on weldments and static analysis.


          Then once you're good with the concepts, start with a few parts at the end, exclude the rest, add a fake restraint and gravity as your boundary condition and then start building from there. If adding parts causes the simualtion to fail, you forgot a contact. Eventually you'll have the whole structure and you can replace the gravity load with the actual load (looks like you could get away with a force to make up for the block that is at the end) and the actual restraints (looks like fixed at the back faces).