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    Dell Precision M6700 tips

    Mark Leichliter

      I've just taken delivery of a new Dell laptop - the Precision M6700 with the K4000M, based mostly on glowing reviews here on the forums. I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the options after using a bootcamped iMac for a few years. Especially where the Nvidia settings are concerned. Anyone mind handing out some tips for best drivers and settings for this machine? Also, is anyone using the Dell Precision Performance Opimizer to tune their workstation for SW?

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          Stuart Moore

          Just use the SolidWorks recommended driver (306.68).  Beware - when mine arrived it wasn't using the K4000M, it was using the onboard graphics hardware  This only came to light when I connected another monitor - the second monitor used the K4000M while the built in screen was driven by the motherboard!  I haven't used the performance optimiser but the machine works well.