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Assigning a new part number to an existing drawing

Question asked by John Pagel on May 1, 2013
Latest reply on May 2, 2013 by John Pagel

I am currently making assemblies in solidworks, all of which are very similar and only differ by a couple of parts.  To save time I have gotten into the practice of opening the assembly as read only (without checking it out from Smart Team), making the few small changes, and selecting Smart Team>Save As, issuing a new part number and thus preventing me from having to make a near identical assembly over and over.  For reasons which I will not get into (long boring story) I do not want to make these as configurations of an individual part number.  They all need their own part number.


The real question I have is whether there is a similar practice I can use to do the same thing with drawings.  For my project the drawings are mroe time consuming than the models and I would like to be able to essentially "copy" one from another part number, make minor changes, and then save it as the new part number.  Is this possible?


Thanks for any help.