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    Manny Almeida

      Good Day,


      I am trying to make a cell in the Properties Dialog Box read another cell to add to the part description.


      Specifically, I have set up a template for some industrial heaters that utilizes the properties to populate the part description.


      I need the part description to read "Diameter x Width (Voltage, Watts)"


      I can get the diameter and width but am having trouble getting the description to also see the voltage and watts.


      All of these things are custom properties.


      Right now the description is "DImName @ sketch1" x "DimName @ Extrude1" (spaces added to avoid links)


      Further down my list of custom properties are the properties "Voltage" & "Watts"...


      How do I get these properties to populate after the dimensions in the description cell?


      Apologies if this has been covered before in these forums, my search fu is weak...