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Double Clicking Assembly with copied Toolbox Parts returns "Unable to open master database due to the following database access error:"

Discussion created by Wayne Marshall on May 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2015 by Rod Carroll

We had a few Customers report this recently after seeing several posts that point to various solutions I thought I would share. In our investigation we noted a few common factors that led us to identify a 'workaround' in this particular situation.


  • The warning appears to relate to copied Toolbox Parts that still have the Toolbox Flag set
  • The warning only appears when opening the file stored in EPDM via a double click in Windows Explorer


The same dataset on my PC reproduced the issue everytime yet on a colleagues machine it didn't, then we spotted a diference in how the file was being opened. On my PC I had No Preview on Open... on my colleagues he did. I unchecked the Option on my PC and hey presto! it opens fine with no warning.


I've attached a screenshot of the pesky setting below!


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