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    Solidworks Animations Modo 601 vs. Maya vs. Blender Info.

    Derek Parks

      I am looking for any input from any other users that may be using or are familiar with any of these programs. I am currently using Solidworks (3DVIA) Composer to do all of my technical documentation along with animations. My workflow as of now is taking my native Solidworks files and exporting them to Composer files, laying out my animation, exporting as a set of images (.png) 30 frames per second, then stitching them together in Adobe Premiere Pro adding text and audio.


      I have now been tasked to take our animations to the next level with fluid flow and other elements that Composer cannot handle. I have done several hours of research and come to the conclusion that these 3 programs are my best options (open to other suggestions of course).


      Blender is obviously the easiest for me to get a hold of to try since it is free. I have used the trial for Modo 601 but due to time constraints was not able to really experiment much in the time allotted (mainly image renders not animations). I know Maya is an Autodesk product so may not be as easy of a workflow with Solidworks (of course I could be mistaken).


      Another great concern would be training. From what I have seen there isn't much in actual training classes for these programs (at least not in the U.S.). Basically I am looking for the option that works best with Solidworks larger assemblies with the least learning curve. Obviously I would be ok with a steeper curve if the outcome is really worth the extra effort.


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has videos or links to videos made from these programs using Solidworks files I would appreciate seeing those as well. I have seen a lot of great looking videos on youtube from all of these programs but it is hard to tell native file types.


      Thank You,


      Derek Parks

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          Neil Larsen

          Can you describe your intent in more detail? How many parts and what level of detail do you anticipate? Blender is capable of many things but it may not be ideal for animating complex machinery depending on what you want to do. It does have fluids, particles/smoke, body collisions, cloth sim etc and artistic capabilities/effects you wont find within SW itself and lately Cycles the native unbiased renderer produces pretty decent photo realistic results. Blender can also be used with other renderers like Octane. In the next release of Blender in a few weeks there will be a non realistic renderer included - sketchy outlines and shading for anime style/line drawings etc, although this is a bit of a memory hog- Something like Blender also allows you to have character animation or for instance text and arrow animations as part of your scene. If Blender was suited to the job it might be easier to pay someone who is familiar with it to do the work. Blenderartists.org forums might be a good place to advertise once you decide it could be suitable. Usually there is someone lurking who would like a paid job for their skills. Most likely employing them for stuff you cant manage presently would be cheaper than buying new commercial software and easier than learning it yourself. There is a free macro available here on the forums for exporting .obj and simple materials out of Solidworks that ought to be ok for deriving a mesh cg apps can work with. Modo has the ability to read SW files. Possibly thats a better option in terms of ease of use. Not a user Modo myself so I cant answer what artisitic/animation capabilities it has in respect of what you want to accomplish..

          HTH .

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              Derek Parks

              I would like to get the highest level of detail possible in the long run. Most of my assemblies would be about 50 parts but could get up to the area of 500 at times. Basically I am looking for a outcome like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akHV3zgwG-U . I would be doing assembly videos as well in the future.


              My two main concerns are performance and training. As far as outsourcing I would prefer to try and complete this myself as this will eventually be used on quite a regular basis.

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                  Anna Wood

                  What about PhotoView 360 and Animation in SolidWorks?


                  Look at Rob Rodriguez stuff at AxisCAD and Paul McCrorey at McCrorey Digital.  They use PV360 and Modo.  They have examples on their website on what is possible.


                  Modo 701 is the latest and will open SolidWork models directly.


                  Also take a look at KeyShot.


                  You will be still using your workflow of saving out individual frames and doing post in PhotoShop or After Effects and then compiling the video.





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                      Derek Parks

                      Thanks for the links I have seen their videos before and that is the outcome I will eventually be hoping for. I currently use Photoview 360 for all of my single frame images. I have played with some animating in Solidworks and while it does look decent I find it not as smooth as other animation software (of course this could be my inexperience) Hopefully these appearances will get a little better once we upgrade to 2013 since I know it supports Luxology appearances now.


                      I will be downloading the trial of MODO 701 as soon as it becomes available to try my hand at that again. Really I am trying to find a beginning start into 3D animation with program, training and computer specs. I am well aware that I cannot excpect to see the visuals created by someone who has had years of specific training and usage in 3D animation. I am fairly confortable with Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. Its just the basic animation creating that I have only been doing for about a year and not nearly to the extent these programs offer.


                      Guess my bottom line would be where to start keeping in mind I do use Solidworks. Would want the best program that will be good to learn yet not be obsolete after a year of learning. Meaning I would like a program that has room for growth as my skills enhance. I am leaning towards MODO (but all these programs look impressive along with Cinema4D) since I know they are a Solidworks partner so may be more compatible.


                      Also if anyone could tell me what kind of hardware upgrade I am looking at to be able to run any programs like this I would be grateful. Would rather go more power to support growth than a just get by system. I already experience very slow render speeds so I know I will need a upgrade before tackling any of this.


                      My current specs are:


                      Dell T3500

                      Intel(R) Xeon(R)  W3505 @ 2.53 GHz 2.53

                      12.0 GB Memory

                      64 bit system

                      Running Windows 7 Professional.





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                  John Burrill

                  Derek, you're asking about a really important issue in software: the divide between CAD and animation software.

                  While the model accuracy and rendering capabilities of both types of software have imporved dramatically in recent years, there's still a fundimental separation of tools.  CAD makes mechanical mates very easy.  Animation tools make particle effects and sub-object animation very easy.  Neither does it all at this point and the loss due to translation is horrible so it's almost like if you're going to anything with particle effects or deformation, you might as well not bother to do anything more than apply color to your parts because anything you do in SolidWorks with appearances or mates is wasted effort as far as Maya or Blender is concerned.

                  Be prepared to lose it all.

                  Having said that, you can take

                  If SolidWorks labs had made good on their Collada exporter that was supposed to have included the animation tracks, and textures, then you might have a reasonable workflow for going to Maya.  But as it is, the plug-in won't load in SolidWorks 2013-probably because of the changes to VBA

                  As it is, I advise you to chose the projects you want to render in Maya, Blender or Max, import and render only the components you need their unique abilities for and make really clever use of compisiting/editing software.



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                    Robert Teele

                    Have you tried Realflow by Nextlimit? I havent used it myself but I have seen the demos and it could be another option for you.