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Simulation problem!

Question asked by Siva Praneeth on Apr 30, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hello everyone

I am trying to mesh and run a simulation of a bone with an implant in it. For inserting the implant into the bone, I used the combine feature to make the bone hollow for implant to be placed. After making the hollow bone, I inserted the implant by making mates with the hollow space in the bone.


I have attached the file for your reference.


The problem is, while trying to perform a static analysis on this assembly by applying force on the implant. After meshing is done and it is trying to simulate, this error pops up.




And this is the snip of simulation study


How do I avoid this error and perform analysis without any problems? Please help me with this.




PS: The fixed geometry boundary has been applied arbitarily on the bone because this cad model of the bone has its surface broken into smaller bits. So there is no complete single surface I could apply fixed geometry condition to. I tried the knit surface feature, but it also shows errors.


Thank you for your help and time.




Siva Praneeth