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    how to make a titleblock / template in 3DVia SW Composer?

    susanne Koppejan

      I want to have a standard titleblock in the SW Composer output svg files, where some company info and document info is noted. How can I make that as a template in SW Composer, so it can be repeatedly used?





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          Earl Hasz

          You can create a "document template" SMG file and add whatever base information that you like in it.  I have created such a document using:

          File|New Project - Create a new project.  The name is not important at this time.

          • Cancel the dialog that askes to add Products
          • Create any title block or other Collaborative actors you like
          • Once you have created them and have their properties defined, be sure to select them and set their properties as neutral.
          • You can even define any views or primitives or other item you like.  Be sure to set their neutral properties for best effect.
          • Save the project as an SMG file



          You may now use File|Open with Merge into the current document enabled or drag drop the SMG file into any existing SMG file.  The actors and any other item in the file will be merged into your current document.


          For notes and image panels, I typically set the following properties:

          • Freeze = Frozen -  This avoids accidental selection in the scene.  You can still select the actor from the Collaboration tree as needed
          • Background = Enabled - This will put the items in the background so that do not overlay any models that you may be working with



          I've used this process to create tooling examples as well as document templates and the like.


          PS - To ensure that you can still update your existing models, be sure to use Merge into new document when opening your source assembly.  This will allow your document template to be merged in as a sibling node in the active SMG file rather than as a child. If your document template is merged in as a child to your assembly, then it is possible that you will lose that content when you update the assembly.  You can also merge other assemblies into the same document in the same manner.


          PSS - When you go to update the assembly based on the PS, select the root node of the assembly using Assembly Selection Mode.  This allows you to tell SW Composer which assembly you are updating. 

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              susanne Koppejan

              Hi Earl,


              Thanks so much for your answer!


              Couple of questions, as I don't get the right result yet...


              After opening a new project, I assume you start with making a new view and then add any collaborative actors?


              Is there a actor like a table that can be modified later in the document that the template is merged into? Like SolidWorks: the drawing sheet contains a title block that can be accessed and modified in any document.


              Or maybe this question makes more sense; how do you integrate Document Title, Document Number, Revision and Date into your tooling examples?


              Thanks. Susan