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Weldment Cut List Properties

Question asked by Chris McPhee on Apr 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by Mac Baker



I am inquiring as to whether it is possible or not to somehow reference the item "Description" in the weldment Cut list properties Table back to the document properties table? It seems that the "Description" property in the cut list properties table is referenced off of the Description of the Solidworks Library Feature Part file itself.


Currently I use the weldment profile for the creation of a single part using the profiles from the weldment library (W-Beams, C-Channels, etc.) and what I am trying to do is use the description in the weldment cut list properties table (which is pulled from the Solid Library Feature Part, ie: C8 x 11.5, W6 x 15, etc.) and include it in a material callout in my document properties table.


The purpose for this would be to link the structural member profile to the "Material" Property in my document properties so it always matches the structural member profile shown and so I do not have to manually enter W6 x 15 into the document properties every time I make a part. If the property/ correct material call out is not linked, this can lead to human error with data entry.


Has anyone come across a solution/macro/link for this? Is there any way I can reference the Cut list properties "Description" property in a design table and then combine that data with material type and produce an accurate call out?