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    SolidWorks API. Assign Material to selected Part

    Matthias Burkhart



      i plan to write an add in to assign a material to a selected part.

      so far I can set material to the whole PartDoc ( see c# code)


         var myModel = (ModelDoc2)mSWApplication.ActiveDoc;


                  if (myModel != null)


                      var myPart = (PartDoc)myModel;

                      if (myPart != null)


                          var myMatVisProps = myPart.GetMaterialVisualProperties();


                              myPart.SetMaterialPropertyName2("Standard", "C:/ProgramData/SolidWorks/SolidWorks 2012/Benutzerdefinierte Materialien/MyBiblio.sldmat", materialTreeView.SelectedNode.Text);



                              MessageBox.Show("No Material found");               




      Now I try to assign the material only to the selected part (by the user) but I dont know how to get the selected part by the api.

      Can somebody help me?


      Thank you