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    Stress strain curve to be used for non linear plasticity analysis

    Alessandro Tornincasa


      I need to make a non linear analysis of a cylindrical zamak 5 component that will be inserted into a hollow cylindrical component.The zamak 5 component is being inserted with press fit into the hollow cylindrical component.

      The zamak 5 component will yield, and therefore I need to input a stress-strain curve for the plasticity model.


      I've dowloaded from eastern alloys homepage the stress.strain curve for zamak 5. File is in attach.

      This file contains stress-strain data at various specimen thicknesses. See this pic:

      stress strain curves.jpg


      Now my question is, which curve should I use ? My part has a 150 mm diameter, but there are some zones where thickness changes.

      Are there any rules of thumb to make a decision, or should I make my decision on the basis of a benchmark with a physical testing ?