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    Loading Errors

    Ray Cardenas


      I'm trying to help my niece load her SolidWorks Student Version Software. She said it was running very slow on her system. I found a Virus and Malware on her computer and had to do a Recovery. When she tried reinstalling on her computer it is coming up with these types of Errors:


      The executable file "F:\PreReqs\dotNetFx\dotnetfx35.exe" /q /norestart did not install succesfully.


      The software also produced a Summary IMLog file, which I have attached here.


      Does anyone know what the problem might be?



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          John Burrill

          Ray, I've looked through your install logs and it looks like it's pitching a 1603 exception code.  You might search the forums for solutions related to this error code.  From the context, it appears to have something to do with the VSTA debugger-which may have been damaged by your recovery attempts or by the malware you extricated.

          If worst comes to worst, you might have to do an OS reload.

          Incidentally, was there a precipitous event for SolidWorks running slow, or has it always done that on your nieces machine?

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              Ray Cardenas

              Hi John,

              I've spent days on this problem, it gets even worse. Apparently her machine has been getting slower over time. Her system is an old one (XP) about 10 years old. Theres too many issues with this thing, so I'm just going to give her some money to upgrade to a new one. I'm throwing in the towel on this one John, too many other things to do. Thank you very much for responding I truly appreciate it.