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    Fuzzy model geometry in drawing views

    Brad Reinagle

      Anybody else ever get this?

      I have a drawing of a die cast part.

      When I have the drawing sheet zoomed to fit the screen, all my geometry edges are fuzzy like there is a focus problem.

      The drawing sheet format and text etc. all look ok, it is just the model geometry that looks out of focus.

      When I zoom in, then there is an obvious focus/resolution issue untill the screen refreshes.

      Once it refreshed the view look good zoomed in on, but it does take a moment or two to refresh what is displayed on the screen.

      Then when I zoom back out, all the geometry goes back out of focus.

      It is really annoying having to wait for the image to refresh everytime you pan or zoom etc.

      And I have to do it a lot because I cannot necessarily make out what I am looking at until I get zoomed in.

      This is also a multi sheet drawing, Sheet 1 looks and works good, sheet 2 is out of focus.


      What's up with this?