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Changed part configuration causing mate problems

Question asked by Chris McRae on Apr 29, 2013
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I am just learning SolidWorks. I'm using Premium 2013 x64 SP1.0.


I have a fairly simple assembly consisting of a main body with a number of holes, and "pegs" which sit in the holes. The main body and the peg

are two separate parts (separate files).


The pegs are essentially just cylinders created with a Base-Revolve.


The holes are a Circular Pattern - I created one hole as an Extruded Boss/Base, and then replicated it.


In the assembly, I mated the pegs into the holes with two mates:

1. A Coincident mate between the bottom face of the hole and the bottom face of the peg.

2. A Concentric mate between the inside of the hole and outside of the peg.


At this point, I decided to make some of the pegs longer. I did this by creating a new configuration of the peg, and changing the related sketch dimension

for just that specific configuration.


When I went back to the assembly and changed some of the pegs to the new configuration, the Coincident mates showed errors. I tried to replace the mates, and tried other fixes, but nothing seemed to work.


So, I deleted the mates and tried re-creating them. However, at this point the only mate type available between the bottom face of the peg and the bottom face of the hole was Tangent. I deleted the pegs entirely and re-inserted them, but nothing changed. I removed the alternate configuration of the peg and tried again, but still the only mate available is Tangent. I even tried copying the peg into a different part file with a different name.


If I re-create the assembly from scratch, everything works as before.


It's almost as if the deleted mates still exist somehow and are hidden. They don't show up in the FeatureManager tree, however.


If the answer is obvious, can someone please explain how I can fix this problem?


Thanks, Chris