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    Find feature driving weldment body.

    Jack Berryman

      Hi All,


      I use weldments for designing fabrications that are 95% plate profiles.


      I want to find the feature driving a weldment body, identify the extrusion dimension and use that value to parametrically link my 'details' custom property in the cut list with the plate thickness.


      At the moment I parametrically link this custom property manually, so any changes in plate thickness is automatically reflected in the cut list. It so tedious I feel it must be 'automatable'!


      This driving feature is typically d1@bossextrudeX, where X can be any value.


      I have a little SW API knowledge, and would whole heartedly appreciate any hints you send my way!


      A few links that I've been looking at...


      How to get the feature name from Body ?




      Thank you all so much in advance.





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          Artem Taturevych

          Hi Jack,


          Excuse me I'm a bit confused when you saying that the driving feature for your weldment is Boss-Extrude. Are you using native weldments or simulating this functionality through the Boss-Extrude features? And I also understand that you actually need a driving dimension rather than feature (d1@bossextrudeX), is it correct?

          In order to get the Feature/Dimension from the body you need to follow the chain:






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              Jack Berryman

              Hi Artem,


              Thank you for the reply.


              I hope I can make things clearer with the attached screenshot.




              Weldment Body Parametric Link To Plate Thickness.JPG

              I open the cut-list properties window, double click BOLT PLATE in the feature tree, which displays the associated dimensions, place my cursor in the 'details' field, then select the '50mm' dimension highlighted in red in the bottom left corner of the screen, this adds the text highlighted in red.


              As you know, this parametrically links my plate thickness to my 'details' field. Giving the resultant text highlight in blue in the cut-list properties window.


              I want to be able to create a macro that traverses the weldment body folders, finding these 'driving' dimensions for each body and populating the detail field in the cut-list.


              I always work as to ensure my extrusion dimension is the plate thickness.


              SW 2013 has this feature already in the form of bounding boxes. The smallest bounding box dimension would typically be the plate thickness.


              We run SW 2012 SP 5, and will be for the considerable future. However, I'm sure this tedious task can be automated.


              Thank you in advance for your help.





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              Jack Berryman

              Hi Artem,


              Thank you again for your reply.


              The majority of the weldments we do are plate based. So 95% of the cut list bodies have an extruded feature behind them.


              We do use some structural members, so I'm wondering if it's possible to only populate the details field of cut extrudes based bodies. Leaving the structural members with their 'auto-created' descriptions?


              I.e 'RHS200x200x10' for a structural member, whilst the extruded profiles read "20mm PLATE".


              Some samples would so unbelievably appreciated, I've been trying to put in to practice the chain of code you mentioned, with no success.


              Thank you Artem, again, for putting your time in to help me.