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Phantom files not allowing Folder deletion

Question asked by Micah Justad on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by Micah Justad


Maybe you guys can help me, I have searched the forum for a resultion and tried a couple but nothing fixed the issue.


We recently had a user get his PC re-imaged (New OS, HD, etc.), he had EPDM installed and actually had 4 files checked out at the time of the re-imaging. When he tried to upload (check in) the files he was unable to due to file already existing, but we could not see the file in the Folder. So we decided to try to delete the Folder and create a new one for him to check in the files that he had checked out. But it wont let him do so because EPDM thinks the files still exist. Also I cannot delete the Old folder because EPDM thinks the files are still there, but the folder is empty. I get this "Folder contains hidden files you may not delete.." Per forum suggestions; I created and deleted a dummy file, and checked the recycle bin within EPDM with no luck.


Can someone help?