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    Flow Simulation study with component motion

    Alessandro Tornincasa

      Hi, I would like to create a study to determine cooling of a glass plate.

      The study in described by this picture:




      - a glass plate has an initial temperature of 80 °C

      - the plate moves with a 4 m/min translational velocity

      - a fan pushes air torwards the plate. The air being pushed has a 25 °C temperature


      My aim is determining the air flow rate to put in order to have the plate cooled to 40 °C.

      I'm not modeling the fan, I'm using an inlet flow rate of air.


      I don't think that flow simulation can handle this simulation, it could be solved by a a code that supports moving meshes.

      i was therefore thinking about this woraround:

      - Making a transient analysis at the initial position of the plate

      - Move the plate a little bit

      - re-mesh

      - Apply as initial conditions temperature results on the glass plate from previous study

      - run anothe transient analysis

      - move the plate and so on...


      Would it work ? But then:

      - how can I export a txt file with XYT cordinates of plate's solid cells centres and their temperature ?

      - How can I input those as initial temperature when I'm doing the second transient analysis ?