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How to set a group of variables, based on a selected variable?

Question asked by Joseph Lewinski on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by Michael Dekoning


I have a data card (ECO if you will) where a user will need to select a particular type of document that will need to be revised (a drawing, manual, forms, work instructions, etc.).  Based on his/her selection, a group of approvers needs to be assigned and notified of the coming request.  This group of approvers varies according to the document type that the user selected.  I originally had it set up where the user would select each approver based on a matrix which would be a piece of paper hanging in his office, but now we feel that it would be much more efficient if we had ePDM assign the approvers automatically, on the fly.


Hopefully, this would be done before any documents enter any workflow(s) as this is one of the very first steps in our current procedure (but this could change if need be).



What would be the best solution for handling this?







ePDM 13.3