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Mitered Elbow

Question asked by Edward Geiser on Apr 27, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by Edward Geiser

I've been trying all day to find a solution to my problem among the forum, but I don't think I've been able to find anything with a solution that quite satisfies me.

After completing a 3D sketch in the routing program, I elect to have the program prompt me for elbows.  The first elbow is just a long radius and I easily select the size I need and the program inserts it on the radius as expected.  The next elbow is 45 degrees and the program prompts me to select an elbow like so (for the sake of the privacy of my company I work for I blanked out the custom elbow field as well as the elbow part field due to project sensitive information contained in the file names):

You'll notice that the configuration field remains empty.  This doesn't occur when I want to insert elbows with other angles.  Each of my elbows only has one default configuration and on all the other elbows this field automatically fills in with the default configuration.  Anyway, since the program isn't recognizing the elbow I select it gives me the following error message:


The program doesn't seem to want to accept that the information it needs is indeed available in the elbow.  The mitered elbow has the appropriately labeled sketch with the appropriately labeled dimensions.  It has 2 cpoints, but no rpoints.  I haven't needed to use an rpoint on any of the other elbows that worked before so I don't see how things should be any different here.  What makes me want to bang my head repeatedly against the wall is where it calls out the Bend Radius and a "Bend angle greater than:45deg".  Why would it expect a bend angle greater than 45 degrees when that is the exact angle measurement I need, and what would be the point of putting a measurement even slightly higher than 45 degrees to try to fix the error?

The bend radius has a long decimal value because I prefer to use equations for my elbow radii in both the elbow part and in my 3D sketch route to satisfy the standard industry dimension of a Naylor spiral wound pipe as according to their catalog on page 13 (  I make sure the syntax of the equation being used in the 3D sketch for the route on the fillets matches exactly with the syntax of the equation being used for the radius in the elbow.  The equation used is simply the "C" dimension from the catalog divided by tangent of half the angle.  This has had no adverse effect with my 30 degree elbows and they work fine.