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    Simulate movement of an underwater robot

    Gaurav Raicar



      I am trying to find out the various forces, pressure etc that would be put on my underwater robot by the waves, current etc as well as the force the motors of my robot would exert in return, and would thus like to have some kind of simulation done i.e. i put a certain power on the motors and i would like to see how much force does it exert to move though water and how much force we get in return and create some type of simulation.


      Is this possible using solidworks?





      Gaurav Raicar

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          Jared Conway

          In flow simulation you can move the fluid around the assembly but not the assembly in the fluid.


          So for example you could do an external analysis where the fluid goes by at a certain speed and you could measure the force and torque on an arm to figure out the motor strength needed to hold it in place.


          If you can figure out a force function, you could do some of what you want in motion. Extend to simulation if you want stress.


          For waves, you'll need to look at another software. Simulation doesn't deal with waves and open surfaces.