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    Server recommendations to speed up opening and saving SW files

    Michael Hubbard

      Good Morning All,


      We save our SW files on a Windows SBS 2011 server.  Each seat on SW is on the individual's (Win 7) computer.  We replaced our old switch with a new Gigabit switch.  That seemed to make no difference.  The server has a Xeon E5506 2.13 GHz processor with 8GB RAM.  It has a SCSI 1 TB HD.  We generally have 3-4 people at a time working on SW files that are on the server.  We're currently using SW 2011, but plan to upgrade to 2013 within the next month.


      My question is, what can we do to speed up open and save times?


      What is considered a good SW server these days?  I don't think replacing the server is an option right now, but how much would a bigger processor or more RAM help??