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DTM transfer to CAD CAM software

Question asked by Dave Wiebe on Apr 25, 2013



I work with sheet metal and there is something I am trying to accomplish.


We use Radan DTM transfer software to transfer our flat patterns. What is does is transfers the flat pattern from SW into Radan's CAD CAM software. What it is not doing is transferring sketches that I've inlcluded on the part. The strange thing is that sometimes it will transfer sketches but sometimes it wont. I can't figure out why it is only sometimes doing this. I need to transfer the sketches because we turn them into etch profiles for our laser cutting machine. Is there anything I can do? One of the guys I work with uses Autodesk Inventor which actually give you the option of "copy sketches to flat pattern". I'm not sure if SW has anything like this.


Any help would be great, thanks.

sw to radan.png