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Failling to add new Tapped Holes to Toolbox

Question asked by Antoine Andrieu on Apr 25, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by Antoine Andrieu

Hello everyone!

I have been working almost a year on solidworks 2011 for my company and I am now trying to set up company standards in the templates, custom ISO and hole wizard.

It is still very new and fresh to me so I must have missed something at some point.

I already made new standards under the company name for counterbored and countersunk holes but I meet a problem concerning the hole wizard tapped hole.

My problem is that I can't find all the data concerning the tapped holes. For example I can't change the depth, and more problematic I can't add custom tapped hole. I'd like to add M2.3 to our standards as we are using it sometimes, so I added to the database via the toolbox as I did for counterbored holes. The problem is that the only tables linked to the tapped holes are "sizes" and "thread data" whereas I could see much more for the counterbored holes. As a result when I want to pick M2.3 from the tapped holes an error occurs "M2.3 thread data could not been found" and I can't make the hole.

Is there a problem with my installation? Did I miss some tables?

Looking forward hearing from you guys.