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    View Shows Through Hatch

    Don Cheke

      Is there any way to create a hatched object above a drawing view (Solid w/ Edges) and not have the lines of the view show through?



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          Tom dunn

          I am not real clear on your question? Are you asking about a hatched view on a drawing or in the model?

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              Don Cheke

              Sorry I was so unclear. I mean over a view in the drawing.


              This is a solid hatched rectangle over a shaded with edges view.




              Print to PDF and this is the result. Note how the view edges show through. This is no good for additional 2D detailing.




              In my other CAD program I can select the object to move to the top, much like one can in Illustrator or like program.


              Doing anything out of the ordinary in SolidWorks 2D-wise always seems so difficult, if even possible. I guess that is why they supply DraftSight - to compensate for the shortcomings in SW (when it comes to 2D drawing/editing capabilities). I really like SW, othewrise.