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Animation sub-assembly appearance

Question asked by Ben Cairns on Apr 24, 2013

Im having a frustrating problem with an animation,


the animation is created using parts and one sub-assembly.


i have it so it starts with one part shown and each part or sub-assembly appears just before it collapses into place.


my problem is that solidworks has put a top level appearance on the sub-assembly part and i cannot clear it.


i have tried deleting the appearance but it just comes straight back, i have also tried clear over ride or clear all top level overrides to no avail. the individual component appearances are still there and are not fadded out in the display pane but are still over ridden by the top level appearance which as i say i cannot delete or remove as it comes straight back.


anybody seen a similar issue?


i dont really want to rebuild the sub-assembly within the animation as it is made up of ALOT of parts