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Dual Jaw Vise Screw Mates

Question asked by Vince Pappert on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by Patrick O'Hern

Hey All, new guy in town.


I am designing a very simple vise that has two jaws which move towards and away from each other by turning a screw.

As far as I can tell SolidWorks really has no way of differentiating right and left hand threads on a shaft unless I make them myself with a revolved cut and "pitch triangle".

So, I made one long shaft that goes through both of the vise jaws and has a right hand cosmetic thread on it.

I made a screw mate on that shaft and one of the vise jaws as well as a mate from a retaining ring to a stationary face to keep the screw from moving in and out.

Now, when I try and mate the other jaw to the same screw with reversed thread rotation, it makes the entire assembly overdefined.

When I turn the handle, it works perfectly and stops at my limits and then goes back in.

I just hate having almost all of my mates over defined.


The assembly is attached.


Any help is greatly appreciated!