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    Solidworks Rx makes my solidworks run seemingly smoother....

    Anthony Macke

      so far this week solidworks has been a pain in my butt. waiting 2-3 minutes to open tiny assemblies, crashing more than regular, graphics acting a fool etc. (yes i am using the recommended graphics driver) so i am using solidworks Rx to capture the problem. except for the fact that since i have started recording my session with solidworks Rx (not recording video) my solidworks has been running flawlessly and faster than ever.


      so to make a long story short, today is the second day in a row that i have had solidworks Rx running the entire time im using solidworks. my questions, are there any negatives to using solidworks Rx full time like this? and any idea why solidworks runs better on my machine when Rx is "capturing my problem"?


      thanks in advance