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    Importing a DWG with referenced DWG files="Unsupported File type".

    Scott Baugh

      I have been harping on some of the Plant Engineers here to get rid of AutoCAD and move over to SW. They say they cannot and I am starting to agree with them. Because it seems that Draftsight does not support Multiple referenced DWG files in one DWG file so that is not an alternative. I tried bringing this in SW and that doesn't seem to work well either.


      Last few DWG files I have tested (referenced or not) in 2012 and 2013 I receive more often than not is "Unsupported File type".


      Does anyone know if this "supported" or has something "changed" to limit what SW can import in from a DWG?



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          John Burrill

          Well, Draftsight and SolidWorks are only compatible with the 2010 DWG format, so your AutoCAD 2013 and 2014 drawings will need to be saved back to the previous version. If your Plant design engineers are using Plantspace or Autodesk plant design, then going to draftsight is going to be a problem because of the API not being available in the free version and it's compatibility with AutoCAD being a dubious assumption.in the premium version, you may wind up pulling the rug out from under your plant and process people.

          I just watched a demo on SMAP3D-which is a new add-on for SolidWorks for creating PNID, plant drawings.  Maybe you could entice them with it.