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    Imported file does not give features, asks to open IGES file

    David Bernick

      Im not as experienced as most, so please fully explain.

      I had an assembly sent to me as a STEP file. Upon opening there is an error with a part feature (Spill Tray for reference). I save the assembly as SolidWorks Assembly Document (.SLDASM) and all parts associated with. I open the problem part (Spill Tray) seperatly to diagnose. The feature tree only gives one feature, labled "Imported1". When I right click to "Edit Feature", a window pops up prompting me to open a file asking for IGES (*.igs;*iges) file type. Why will the part not display the features associated with its building? Why does it ask for the IGES file type? How do I edit the part to fix the errors?


      The errors associated are with the "face-face inconsistent" (using Check under the Evaluate tab) and "the indicated face pierces through the solid" (using the Import diagnostics under Evaluate tab). I think I can solve the errors if I can edit the features.