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Imported file does not give features, asks to open IGES file

Question asked by David Bernick on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by Alin Vargatu

Im not as experienced as most, so please fully explain.

I had an assembly sent to me as a STEP file. Upon opening there is an error with a part feature (Spill Tray for reference). I save the assembly as SolidWorks Assembly Document (.SLDASM) and all parts associated with. I open the problem part (Spill Tray) seperatly to diagnose. The feature tree only gives one feature, labled "Imported1". When I right click to "Edit Feature", a window pops up prompting me to open a file asking for IGES (*.igs;*iges) file type. Why will the part not display the features associated with its building? Why does it ask for the IGES file type? How do I edit the part to fix the errors?


The errors associated are with the "face-face inconsistent" (using Check under the Evaluate tab) and "the indicated face pierces through the solid" (using the Import diagnostics under Evaluate tab). I think I can solve the errors if I can edit the features.