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    Camaro Surface Filleting  Problem

    Waihoong Loke

      Hi Guys, I'm recently having a play with the Camaro modelling which can be found on https://d2t1xqejof9utc.cloudfront.net/files/18211/2010_Camaro_Body_Tutorial.pdf?1360365195 and I encountered a problem.


      I'm trying to do the step at the bottom of page 168 and it is about filleting the edges of lower grill surface openings.


      The knit surface is done without problem.


      I followed every steps in the tutorial but I failed to fillet the lower edge at 0.0625'' after filleting the upper edge with curve.


      I also tried to do the lower edge first then the upper edge, it works but it is different from what I really want as shown in picture below.


      It is realised that the main problem is at the intersection of the two edges.


      I have attached my working file and your help is well appreciated.




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          Matthew Perez

          Hey Waihoong, when fillets fail its usually for 2 reasons.  Either the curvature of the edge you are trying to fillet, or some discontinuity in the edge/corner where the fillet ends.  I think its the 2nd one in this case.  In general when dealing with complex surfaces Fillets are a bad idea.  Well fillets that we have access to.  A fillet is a constant radius and SW doesnt have control over edge tangency so the fillets will really stand out when we deal with reflections/light.  In reality what I would do here rather than fillet(even though i know i did that in my tutorial) is split the surfaces up and do some boundary surfaces and fillet surfaces to blend everything how i want.  Since I am on 2013 i can't upload a SW file for you to see, but here is an IGES file.  In this file I did a few split lines breaking up the edges I wanted to blend together.  Then i used the Delete Face command to remove those faces.  I start back with a boundary surface front the front edge then work my way up to doing a filled surface to blend in the corner.  If you look at where the new surfaces are you should be able to see how i split up the original faces.  I did leave your fillet for the upper edge there but i did split it back away from the edge a little so i could blend the inside edge.  I think during the iges conversion a few of your faces failed but the ones we are talking about here came through okay.


          Let me know if this makes sense.