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Lofted bends - how to decrease the number of bend lines?

Question asked by Rhys Gardner on Apr 22, 2013

I have a simple sheet metal part that has 2 sketches on parralell planes as reccomended in the help documentation.

Equal number of staight sketch segments and equal number of rounds in corners to ensure a 'smooth' profile.

The sheet metal thickness of 0.5mm, and the radii in each sketch is 3mm.




When creating the lofted bend feature we a have an option to alter the number of bend lines. This defaults to 2 in our case

**We need to have only 1 bend line which is in the centre of the sketch round as we will be cnc machining this from the flat pattern sketch.

** We had to use the lofted bend feature as some of thease surfaces run out of square, making one of the surfaces non planar, hence the need to the loft feature. Also profiles of this part are referenced of a skeleton part which also has another 50 parts very similar to this one that need the 1 bend line




Can anyone provide advice on how get the number bend lines down to 1, or what effects this parameter? I've done alot of research on forums / web etc but havn't seen this one come up as yet.


Any help would be appreciated!