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    3D rail sketching

    Adam AU

      Hey guys, I am working on 3D rail sketching as what is done in this video.

      Is there any faster way to insert planes along the 3D cureve or even the perpendicular guide lines?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Hello Adam,


          Welcome to the forum.  As far as creating the planes, other than a keyboard shortcut for the create plane command I don't know of any way to make that faster.  For your sketching, there definitely are a couple of things you can do to speed things up.  First, you have several identical sketches.  After creating the first one, you can click on it in the tree, Ctrl+C to copy it, then click on the next plane and Ctrl+V to place a second identical sketch.  You will still need to set the relations for the second sketch, but at least you won't need to re-draw the whole thing.  And speaking of setting relations, when you click on Mid-point, Horizontal, etc. in the relations PropertyManager, the relation is set.  You don't need to click on the green check to close it.  That will save you some time.  Also, when you are using the Smart Dimension tool, when you type in a dimension in the Modify Dimension dialog box and click the green check in it, that dimension is set, and the Smart Dimension tool is still active, so you can go straight to placing another dimenion.  There is no need to close out the command and then open it again like you were doing.


          I hope that's some help,