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Question asked by Daniel Schleicher on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by Daniel Schleicher

We currently are using Solidworks 2011 and PDM Enterprise 2011. Some of the modifiers are having <local file> in the state showing up in the different directories.  I show them to the people. They have to right mouse click and add them to the vault. Is there an easier way for me to find all the local files across the network at once on each person's machine. We have over 50 users in the USA and they are at 5 different locations. The only way that I currently do it is get on an individuals machine through a program called "teamviewer". I then check in all there files I can. I clean out their cache. I then work offline and do a search on their C drive. I sort by directory. I write down the directories. I then work back online. I go to the directories and add the files to PDM enterprise. Is this the easiest way??? Thank you for your time.