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Purpose of Bolt series in Advance tab in bolt connector?

Question asked by Sandeep S on Apr 19, 2013
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I have 4 part assembly which is bolted together. i.e 3 parts with clearance hole of Dia 1.563" is bolted to the Base with 1/2" screw. When applying the bolt connectors, I generally select the topmost circular edge for " Circular edge of bolt head hole" option and the Threaded face in the Base for " Thread face(s) option.  I want to know whether i should select the clearance hole's internal surface of the Intermediate plates under the "Bolt series" option in advanced tab in bolt connector option, as i am bolting more than 2 parts. Please see the attached picture for this option.


Kindly let me know on how the bolt series option works.


Thanks in advance